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Re: A better routing selection mechanism for Tor?

from this paper:
"First, bandwidth is already a key factor in Tor
design. Second, bandwidth is typically a property of a node
rather than a link between two nodes, since the bottleneck is
likely to be close to the node rather than in the intermediate

On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 8:46 PM, Daniel Juyung Seo <seojuyung2@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Using Tor, I wondered why Tor use bandwidth capacity as a key factor
of Tor router selecting algorithm.
After a brief view of Tor source codes, I realized that the bandwidth
capacity of Tor is more similar to the Tor router's packet processing
capability than the network transfer capacity.
While calculating the bandwidth capacity, the capacity of network link
among Tor routers is not considered.

Isn't it better to use the capacity of network link among Tor routers?
Robin Snader's paper, A Tune-up for Tor: Improving Security and
Performance in the Tor Network. has some idea using the network link
I think it is feasible to measure each link capacity among all Tor
routers by using ping packets or other simple mechanisms.

When each router knows the linke capacity with all the other routers,
we can build better circuits than before.
Let's assume that there are 1,200 Tor routers in the world.
In this case, each router needs to have 1,199 link capacity
information with the other Tor routers, not the bandwidth capacity of
the other Tor routers.

The total number of the links that Tor directory server should save is
up to 1,438,800 (1,199 x 1,200).
I guess this mechanism will improve Tor router selection algorithm.

Waiting for some replies.