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Re: [python] __LeaveStreamsUnattached

Oh, interesting thing. Im looking at Vidalia Network map and see something unexpected. I will explain it in points:

1) (my app) Create circuit
2) (vidalia) Circuit looks opened, OK
3) (my app) attaching stream to circuit
4) (vidalia) final IP and port appears under correct circuit, status is "Connecting"
5 (vidalia) after few seconds, status is change to "Repeat" (there is no interaction in my app, no event, nothing)
6) (vidalia) after few seconds (tell 15), status is "Closed" (and my app receive closed event of stream, which Im waiting for connect).

I see statuses in my language, so Im sorry if "Connecting" and "Repeat" are bad translations. But I dont know, why Tor cannot connect final destination, because in Vidalia it seems to do so.

I will be very happy for any help.

2008/12/6 slush <slush@xxxxxxxxxx>
I will post final solution after it will works. Currently there is at least one problem, because after calling attach_stream from another thread (and Tor returns me SENTCONNECT event), calling of socket.connect() is still blocking and Tor never send me SUCCEEDED (which I expect as confirmation of SENTCONNECT). I'm right? What can I do wrong?