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Re: Need help with MPAA threats

On Dec 15, 2008, at 4:41 AM, Jon wrote:
"...DMCA, hacking, child exploitation transiting my link."

Don't get the context wrong... quote it all if your going to pick it
line item. These things (with perhaps the loose exception of DMCA) are
illegal in all jurisdictions I believe? If there were a way to balance
anonymity and frustrating censorship, along with frustrating child porn proliferation and hacking... yes, I think I would be able to go with it.


I wholeheartedly disagree. Not only do jurisdictions have very different and specific laws, even the definition of terms such as hacking and child exploitation/pornography differ dramatically. For reference, see http://canadiancrc.com/Newspaper_Articles/InformationWeek_Study_Child_Porn_Isnt_Illegal_Most_Countries_06APR06.aspx

But even _if_ there were a globally accepted standard of what is definitely illegal everywhere, implementing a set of filters is a very bad move. As soon as you have a technology to filter based on content, people will start adding other "obviously bad" stuff on the list to filter. Your result is a system in which censorship is easily possible.