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Re: Windows: Event ID 4226 Patcher (4226 fix): Increase max TCP connections for non-servers (XP and Vista)

I was wondering if this is the same issue as discussed in this message:

Exceeding connection limit

Windows imposes a default limit of 10 concurrent TCP connect attempts. Is that the same as "a system-imposed limit on the number of open file descriptors - one file descriptor corresponds to one open file or socket" described in the above referenced message?

If it is, what would be good settings for users? That message suggested 4096 for nodes. I am wondering if raising the limit could make startup faster (mine takes forever if I haven't been on the network in a while).

Much of the "expert advice" on the web about the concurrent TCP connect attempts (the issue of Windows event 4226 when that limit is exceeded) is bittorrent-oriented, and often warns that the number should not be "too high." They usually recommend a limit between 50 and 100. It's probably nonsense, so I would like to know how this should be set for Tor.

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> Subject: Windows: Event ID 4226 Patcher (4226 fix):  Increase max TCP connections for non-servers (XP and Vista)
> Hey,
> I think I remember reading about some issue with the TCP connection
> limits placed upon non-server editions of Windows OS in TCPIP.SYS.  Is
> there still an issue with running a Tor node on a non-server Windows due
> in part to the TCP connect limit?
> Here is a great little TCPIP.SYS patcher which allows you to change the
> connect limit to whatever you want.  By default Windows TCP connection
> limit is set to 10.  I set mine to 100, is that a good number?
> Here is the patcher and info, VERY easy to use:
> http://www.lvllord.de/?lang=en&url=tools
> And here is a good thread (from forum.my-proxy.com ) about using the
> TCPIP.SYS patcher and some issue with using it on Vista to be aware of:
> http://forum.my-proxy.com/proxy-questions/windows-xp-vista-connection-limit-patch-t2707.0.html
> I really noticed a speed increase with fewer timed out proxies when
> using a proxy leecher.  I use FPL (Forum Proxy Leecher) when I want to
> leech open proxies.
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