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Re: Need help with MPAA threats

On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 01:00:38PM -0800, Curious Kid wrote:
> Industry organization putting pressure on Tor exit node operators to filter leads to chilling effects.
> As nodes start to filter, that traffic will seek out non-filtering exits. That would work like a funnel, as a majority of traffic of that sort will exit through a decreasing number of exits, thereby making those non-filtering nodes appear to be large-scale violators.
> Has it occured to any of you that these organizations are being conspiciously aggressive with certain people with the complete knowledge that they are Tor exit node operators and what their exit policies are? They want complete network filtering, and that includes the Tor network.

It was in the news today that RIAA is switching strategies
away from suing individuals toward pressuring ISPs.

In USA the EFF might help with legal defense if you are sued or charged,
but that doesnt preserve your server or internet connection if your ISP just cuts you off.
Read your Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy and switch providers if necessary.
Help lobby against big government and fascist (corporate+police/military) states, etc.
Encourage everyone to use Free Software and strong encryption, and produce works licensed CC-by-sa.
What else can we do?

Nevertheless, some Tor operators (myself included) do so for specific reasons.
We might not help at all if we could not choose our exit policies.
Some who don't want to deal with complaints choose to run middle nodes.
I'm grateful for every byte of bandwidth.

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