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Re: Talking w/local service CEOs [LJ, goog...]

On Sun, Dec 20, 2009 at 11:26:16PM -0500, grarpamp@xxxxxxxxx wrote 0.9K bytes in 23 lines about:
: With the concentration of 'social' companies headquartered
: on the west coast, how many others have been met with?
: And to good or not so good result?

From the official "Tor talked to company X" list, we've discussed Tor
with Craigslist, Google, Facebook, Ebay, LiveJournal and Identi.ca.
In most cases, they come to us to ask how they can handle the jerks
without punishing everyone.  This implies they see value in Tor.
Something more automated, like nymble, may be a boon to more acceptance
of Tor (http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~nymble/).

: I know craigslist and google are blocking posts/accounts
: from tor users.

I believe these are automated systems blocking posts or such, and not
targeted at Tor itself.  AOL/ISP proxies run into the same

: And there's all sorts of partner groups such as EFF/ACLU/EPIC

We've talked to all three over the years.  The EFF is very much in touch
with us and we talk frequently.

: Are there such companies that openly allow tor
: such that their testimonials would be a useful
: compliment in such conversations? ie: livejournal
: noticing a loss of userbase when blocking tor.

Unfortunately, not so much.  Many organization who both handle Tor from
their userbase and use it interally don't want to become the posterchild
for Tor in corporations.  This is unfortunate for both us and them.  I
think the more enlightened a company is about handling privacy, the more
their userbase will trust them.  I'm more likely to use a company if
they say they respect my privacy by allowing me to use Tor; but I'm
probably biased.  

If someone wants to help coordinate a lunch or some meetup; there are
Tor people that can show up to help.  I've been impressed by some of the
presentations others have done about Tor, online privacy, anonymity and
why this matters, all over the world.

Andrew Lewman
The Tor Project
pgp 0x31B0974B

Website: https://torproject.org/
Blog: https://blog.torproject.org/
Identi.ca: torproject
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