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Re: Talking w/local service CEOs [LJ, goog...]

andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 20, 2009 at 11:26:16PM -0500, grarpamp@xxxxxxxxx wrote 0.9K bytes in 23 lines about:
> : With the concentration of 'social' companies headquartered
> : on the west coast, how many others have been met with?
> : And to good or not so good result?
>>From the official "Tor talked to company X" list, we've discussed Tor
> with Craigslist, Google, Facebook, Ebay, LiveJournal and Identi.ca.
> In most cases, they come to us to ask how they can handle the jerks
> without punishing everyone.  This implies they see value in Tor.
> Something more automated, like nymble, may be a boon to more acceptance
> of Tor (http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~nymble/).
> : I know craigslist and google are blocking posts/accounts
> : from tor users.
> I believe these are automated systems blocking posts or such, and not
> targeted at Tor itself.  AOL/ISP proxies run into the same
> problems.
> : And there's all sorts of partner groups such as EFF/ACLU/EPIC
> We've talked to all three over the years.  The EFF is very much in touch
> with us and we talk frequently.
> : Are there such companies that openly allow tor
> : such that their testimonials would be a useful
> : compliment in such conversations? ie: livejournal
> : noticing a loss of userbase when blocking tor.
> Unfortunately, not so much.  Many organization who both handle Tor from
> their userbase and use it interally don't want to become the posterchild
> for Tor in corporations.  This is unfortunate for both us and them.  I
> think the more enlightened a company is about handling privacy, the more
> their userbase will trust them.  I'm more likely to use a company if
> they say they respect my privacy by allowing me to use Tor; but I'm
> probably biased.  
> If someone wants to help coordinate a lunch or some meetup; there are
> Tor people that can show up to help.  I've been impressed by some of the
> presentations others have done about Tor, online privacy, anonymity and
> why this matters, all over the world.

The Google established sms-activations of accounts some months ago and
it is the problem for protecting anonymity of Google users.
And what can you tell about blocking the Tor-access to the mail accounts
of the Yahoo?
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