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Re: TOR and ISP

On Sat, Dec 26, 2009 at 10:59:53PM -0800, schoen@xxxxxxx wrote 0.7K bytes in 16 lines about:
: >      On the contrary, in the United States, all ISPs are *required* by
: > statute to record all URL requests that can be detected passing from their
: > customers through their equipment.
: What statute requires this?

To re-iterate Seth's question, what specific statute requires this?

Is there evidence of the courts upholding such a statute for any reason?

Is there court-based evidence of such a thing on a mass scale?

This is quite the claim that I've never heard from any savvy civil,
legal, internet rights lawyer since the passing and renewal of the
patriot act.

I've heard of this via keylogger or other government developed spyware
when someone is under targeted surveillance as part of a larger case
against them.  

mentions nothing about a requirement for all US ISPs and all their
customers.  It does mention targeted surveillance.  

The recording of "non-content" information on a grand scale is what's
been proposed in some EU member states as part of the data retention

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