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New Article Up

I just posted a short article on the settings to use when setting up
Pidgin and FF to use Tor. I tried to keep it simple, used screen shots
of the settings that I've been suggested to use and have had great
success in using to browse and IM across the Internets.

As I say in the closing lines of the entry, comments or corrections are
welcome in the comments section of the blog. Just thought I'd point
everyone to it:


I'll be following this up with an article on using GPG for further email
security and do an update when I find Tor and TB3 settings that don't
keep me from my email.

I'll also, in a future article, be discussing the use of OTR
(Off-the-Record), a chat encryption plugin for Pidgin and several other
clients (although since I'm only familiar with Pidgin, I'll be limiting
myself to its use with Pidgin).



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