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Re: New Article Up

On 12/29/2009 04:23 PM, Programmer In Training wrote:
> I just posted a short article on the settings to use when setting up
> Pidgin and FF to use Tor. I tried to keep it simple, used screen shots
> of the settings that I've been suggested to use and have had great
> success in using to browse and IM across the Internets.

Have you seen https://torproject.org/torbrowser?  In particular, the
Building the Bundle bit,
https://www.torproject.org/torbrowser/details.html.en#contents where we
document what's changed and why in the various files?  Someday I'll
write up a summary of all this for non-developers to read.

The prefs.js commit log may be helpful too,

Andrew Lewman
The Tor Project
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