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Re: [tor-talk] about tor entry node

esolve esolve:
> what I meant is:
> Let me say that an attacker controls some nodes. At a certain time, one of
> the controlled nodes is used as entry node by a tor client,  if the
> attacker doesn't know that the node is used as entry node, then the
> attacker can't identify the client. Even if it examines the IP addresses of
> the lists of relays, the suspicious IP may belong to a client or a bridge.

I might be misinterpreting what you say.

I don't know what a client does, that a relay does not do, because I
don't know the protocol well enough. (How does a relay extend the circuit?)

For example clients and bridges can be told apart, because sometimes
bridges do things different than clients. (This is going to be resolved
where ever possible).

> so why tor designer let the attacker know when a controlled node is used as
> entry node?

You probably have to wait for an answer...

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