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[tor-talk] Tor Browser advanced configurativian details

Testing my first post here with the following questions 
about TorBrowser: 
At first, why the port number difference between 9050 
in Browser when set to 9051 in Vidalia, is that wrong 
or just some tech specials done by the factory (you)? 
Tor Browser 
Options ... Advanced ... Network ... Settings ... 
Manual proxy configuration: 
SOCKS Host:   Port: 9050 
* SOCKS v5 
No Proxy for: 
Vidalia Control Panel 
Settings ... Advanced ... 
* Use TCP connection (ControlPort) 
Address:   9051 
Then next, why the Tor Browser works as good as well, 
since I'm only allow through the firewall run Tor and 
then the Browser, but completely deny Vidalia from go 
out of my firewall, is that OK or have the Vidalia any 
important stuff to do by it self out on the internet, 
if I let it through the firewall? 
And last, why the "Unable to connect" often goes up very 
fast (directly when click) but then after a few re-clicks 
it stays longer on wait (some seconds) and then works fine 
but next surfing click the same error again and so on? 
Thanks in advance, if answering the questions above! 

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