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Re: [tor-talk] Firefox vs. Tor Browser Bundle release cycles

Again, I wonder what youâre doing to fix this issue or is this really just an informational awareness campaign?

Anyone paying attention knows there is a delta between TBB and Mozilla releases. I canât comment on why thatâs the case as I donât know the TBB build, QA, or releases processes.

The fact that users are running releases that are older than the current TBB is a separate issue and one that has been brought up here and elsewhere before. Part of this is the lack of an auto-update mechanism, which I believe is being worked on, and that users are, frankly, a bit thick at times and donât pay attention to things.Â

As to Firefox release dates, you could always look at our Wiki:Âhttps://wiki.mozilla.org/RapidRelease/Calendar#Past_branch_dates


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