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Re: [tor-talk] Firefox vs. Tor Browser Bundle release cycles

> Again, I wonder what youâ??re doing to fix this issue or is this really
> just an informational awareness campaign?

I don't have any easy solutions to offer, but was hoping to start a
conversation about figuring some out. I was hoping there would be some
value in raising the issue. Understanding *that* there's a problem isn't
the same thing as understanding *why* there's a problem or *how* to fix
it. You're right that the latter two are far more important, but it seemed
worth mentioning even though I failed to devise any solutions myself.

> Anyone paying attention knows there is a delta between TBB and Mozilla
> releases. I canâ??t comment on why thatâ??s the case as I donâ??t know the
> TBB build, QA, or releases processes.
Assuming we agree that a smaller delta is better than a bigger delta,
hopefully there could be a conversation about how volunteers might be able
to help make that delta smaller.

> The fact that users are running releases that are older than the current
> TBB is a separate issue and one that has been brought up here and
> elsewhere before. Part of this is the lack of an auto-update mechanism,
> which I believe is being worked on, and that users are, frankly, a bit
> thick at times and donâ??t pay attention to things. 

I have no doubt that I am a bit thick at times and occasionally not paying
attention to things, but that's one of the reasons why I think dumb users
like me would be better off if they didn't have to pay *as much* attention
to things like deltas between Firefox and TBB releases. TBB has made
awesome strides in that direction and seems poised to continue doing so,
but my hope was that others in the community would suggest some ways
volunteers might be able to help add to that.
> As to Firefox release dates, you could always look at our
> Wiki: https://wiki.mozilla.org/RapidRelease/Calendar#Past_branch_dates
> Al

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