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Re: [tor-talk] Firefox vs. Tor Browser Bundle release cycles

* Al Billings <albill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2013:12:11 17:38 -0800]: 
> Anyone paying attention knows there is a delta between TBB and Mozilla
> releases. I canât comment on why thatâs the case as I donât know the TBB
> build, QA, or releases processes.

To help clarify this situation a bit for everyone (since I have been making the
stable TBBs for 3+ years now): though we often had a rough idea of when a new
Firefox release was coming, we usually had no idea of the specific date and did
not have access to releases any earlier than everyone else. So as soon as
they'd come out, I would try to make sure everything was in order, build all
the stuff, then send things to QA, who almost always were given a full 24 hours
to look things over. (There are more release issues that would take time for me
to do -- writing up the blog post, syncing packages to the mirrors, etc, all of
which in total took more hours.)

I believe this situation is remedied since Mike is working more closely with
Mozilla people now and we often get a more specific heads up. We still don't
get access to the releases any earlier, though, so there will continue to be
some lag between the two for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, just wanted to explain why the releases didn't happen immediately. I
did try to get them out as soon as possible though. We hope to decrease that
much more going forward.

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