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Re: [tor-talk] Request for "Tor, king of anonymity" graphic

On 26/12/2013 8:51 PM, Lee wrote:
On 12/25/13, nano <nanotek@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 26/12/2013 7:46 AM, Mirimir wrote:
On 12/25/2013 02:59 AM, nano wrote:
On 25/12/2013 8:11 PM, Lunar wrote:
I really didn't get the "rape" vibe from the graphic at all.

Could you describe what is in the graphic?

Could you try to summarize its intended meaning?

Sure. I shared my favoured interpretation earlier.

Beyond that, I see Jefferson fucking Obama from behind (i.e. bucking of
ignominious attempts to erode our hard-earned constitutional
convention). It is very well done too. Picture perfect!

Isn't it the NSA that's been doing most of the backdoor fucking?

Indeed. The irony only adds to its appeal.

Tor is rather more like a chastity belt than a crown ;)

Tor empowers citizens to royally fuck Orwellian tactical planning, such
as that which is implemented by the NSA.

You should take another look at the docs - eg:

    Indefensible Attacks
       Tor Attacks
         Attacks which Tor cannot defend against, like a global passive
adversary or traffic confirmation attacks, are obviously outside the
scope of even the most robust Tor implementation.


There is no need. It has been read many times.

Not sure how your suggestion diminishes Tor's utility in circumventing Orwellian policies. Tor is an integral munition in the Constitution-defending arsenal; which would be much weaker without it.

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