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Re: [tor-talk] OpenCart eCommerce CMS HS not working

Umair Razzaq wrote:
> Hi, I'm feeling lost with so many replies, can someone please help me with
> my issue. thanks

I doubt this list will give you the kind of support you need.  You might
want to ask the people who make your CMS instead, as they'll have a somewhat
better idea what kind of webserver configuration to use.  My guess is your
CMS or webserver is expecting to use a single canonical hostname so having
two addresses is confusing it into rendering broken links, but you cannot
expect "please help me with my issue" to yield good results while providing
no details about your configuration.

And please, in the future, don't jam reposts in by replying in completely
unrelated threads.  It's rude.

   ---> Drake Wilson

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