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Tor community, Martin Peck, Diane Roark..

Whonix Qubes has been called out in a US Gov court document of a NSA related whistleblower case of Diane Roark, inside a recent affidavit of Martin Peck's.



"EGOTISTICALSHALLOT was created in 2014 by Tailored Access Operations as a QUANTUMTHEORY Computer Network Exploitation component effective against hardened Whoonix Qubes users on the Tor Network."

Extensive details of this instance have been documented here..


Would Martin Peck or Diane Roark please promptly inform the community of the known origins of this NSA EGOTISTICALSHALLOT text written in their documents, and any knowledge of its authenticity as being real or fake.

And if anyone else has any additional information regarding this EGOTISTICALSHALLOT mention-/-codename-/-program then please contribute.



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