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Re: [tor-talk] Is there a representative of the LizardSquad on this list?

I don't represent the lizards, but when legitimate concerns are hand-waved
away, perhaps it should be shown the the emperor has no clothes. I
personally dislike the attitudes of more people than andrea, and quite
frankly coming out as anti-'harassment', saying that tor shouldn't exist to
support misogynists, is hardly the way to respond to criticism. Sure, the
lizard botnet quickly registered 8000 accounts with 20kb links, while they
were hammering away at the directory servers, but a less trivial and
noticeable attack is possible. Unless there is some significant staff
changes in the future, I'm with the lizardsquad in exposing tor.

On Fri, Dec 26, 2014 at 9:46 PM, hellekin <hellekin@xxxxxxx> wrote:

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> On 12/27/2014 02:17 AM, benjamin barber wrote:
> > The things that the some Tor members have done in the past, in regards to
> > some less then becoming behavior in public, is pretty indicative of the
> > reason why they're getting "harassed".
> >
> *** So now you're saying that this circus has to do with personal
> vengeance over tit for tat exchanges between antagonizing individuals?
> Do you realize the magnitude of the consequences of trying to disrupt
> the Tor network over such petty arguments of individual silliness?  You
> can't use an individual as a lever to disrupt a network on which many
> people depend.  That's Empire thinking: kill everything that is not us.
>  We've grown past that!  Tor is used by good people for good reasons and
> evil people for bad reasons.  Just like the Internet, air, food, and
> water.  Somehow I cannot imagine the Lizard Squad ordering a Pepperoni
> Pizza to destroy it because their enemy likes Pepperoni pizza.
> Are you lizards@xxxxxxxxxx confirming that the reason for all this is to
> nag Andrea?
> I didn't follow the whole story, and must say I skipped the thread
> related to the recent blog Arma made in support of Andrea because I
> really couldn't afford to take the time and dig into it.  All I know is
> that at some point Andrea doxed someone whom she was finding annoying,
> maybe with reason, maybe not--I don't know, and that brought a lot of
> discontent among that person's friends and things started to escalate.
> If this is what it's all about, I think it's time that it comes to an
> end, and that Andrea and her enemies come to a peaceful reconciliation,
> all egos down, because it's become way out of proportions.  In case you
> didn't realize, all that wasted energy would be much better employed
> improving the resistance against really evil people doing exquisitely
> stupid things.  And disrupting massively multi-player online games.
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