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Re: [tor-talk] single entity running >36% exit probability with 5 relays? scary.

It seems there's "some" interest in upgrading TorFlow? I can't in good
conscience say that -- without funding -- I alone can replace it -- but
I do have an out-of-date txtorcon exit-relay scanning system that could
*become* a "next gen" torflow.

I am ready and willing to provide mentorship to make this happen.

From my perspective, the best-case would be a motivated and knowledeble
student or intermediate programmer who is self-motivated and already
versed in event-based programming (ideally Twisted, but asyncio,
node.js, boost's asio or others are great too).

IMO, the best thing would be for authority operators to enumerate on a
wiki page or ticket a) their requirements and b) their issues with
TorFlow. Or, I guess, c) torflow is amazing and meejah has the wrong
impression :)


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