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Re: [tor-talk] Ahmia search engine works normally again

On 8 December 2016 at 20:09, scfith riseup <scfith@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks for the correction on that. My other two points still valid in
> general?


>Second, if you do list .onion domains, know that they will be collected.

Well, yes, onion addresses are like any other form of network address.

Perhaps you didn't intend to go as far as saying "when you connect your
computer to the network and put a service on it, people will _use_ it", but
unless I am misinterpreting, that seems to be pretty much the implication?

>Third, provide a simple path of machine-readable content to download so
> that bots won’t kill your server, like a list.json file that is up to date
> so your server is not ruined.

That presumes someone was not acting intentionally.  From experience, even
when you _do_ something nice and helpful like that, people will still
scrape you in boneheaded, stupid ways and bring you down.

For general interest (perhaps to Juha, especially?):

* I am building a 6-node, 24-core cluster, specifically to run an
Onion-traffic-serving experiment upon.

* It's running a Debian variant - so the results/learnings should be
generally applicable to Linux - on Raspberry Pi hardware. Total cost ~ £400.

* It's a casual-fun-research thing (rather than a big academic exercise)
and the current goal is to serve half-a-gigabit from a "single" onion
address, across ~30 daemons.

* Details and diary are at:

Hopefully we should have results by end of January. :-)


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