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Re: [tor-talk] Not comfortable with the new single-hop system merged into Tor

On 21 December 2016 at 14:01, Allen <allenpmd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Alex,


> that is inappropriate language and behavior for a public
> discussion list.  You have demeaned yourself greatly with that
> outburst, and only succeeding in damaging the Tor project.  Please
> stop.

For clarity, I'm not a member of the Tor project.  I am independent,
freelance, and I am very good at what I do.

And I do own my words, but for the sake of this posting I'll try to be
"polite". In future you might want to block me, just in case.

To reiterate my position, in case you missed it:

Thesis: we should not treat users as stupid.

Second, as someone who firmly believes in Murphy's Law, I share the
> concerns that have been expressed.  The only solution to address these
> concerns if to discuss the steps that have or will be taken to ensure
> the situation cannot happen, not to attack the concerns themselves or
> the intelligence of the people who hold them.

So, that means you are happy to implicitly denigrate the intelligence of
people who run onion sites, yet not happy to have that perspective itself
called prejudicial, stupid and daft?

As I say above: I feel we should work from the assumption that people are
smart until proven otherwise, and that includes those who set up onion

If it proves to be a problem, later, then fix it, later.


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