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Re: [tor-talk] Why do you use Tor?


On behalf of Firo Solutions LTD we can say that we use to for UXdevelopment if we hire a freelancer its alot better to give them a .onion address and write2 lines in a conf file rather then give them vpn access to a UI that is only gonna be used a couple of hours by some random person 

, Tor is great for temporary .onion sites

On December 11, 2018 8:17:13 AM GMT+02:00, "Damon (TheDcoder)" <TheDcoder@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>I began using Tor as a way to circumvent censorship... so anonymity or
>privacy were not my primary goals. Some of you may know that I made a
>program called ProxAllium which keeps Tor running in the background so
>that I can use the SOCKS proxy in my browser to circumvent censorship.
>These days it is different though, as I have switched to Linux as my
>main operating system and therefore could not use my own program. I
>have a VPN and use Mozilla-Cloudflare's DoH DNS to circumvent DNS-based
>censorship from my ISP...
>Regards, TheDcoder.
>On 10/12/18 10:35 PM, Nathaniel Suchy wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm curious to learn the reasons that various people on the lists,
>for those who are comfortable sharing, why they use Tor. I'm also
>curious as to whether users on this list only use Tor or if there are
>times they use a normal browser (if so what tasks).
>> I use Tor mainly as an incognito browser probably once or twice a day
>depending on my needs. Often there's things I don't want to leave in a
>browser history or my home ISP to know about. It's also nice if I want
>to watch a specific video or resource on a website and don't want it in
>my recommendations later on. That said there are some things I just
>look at in Safari (please don't judge me for using a WebKit Browser :P
>   )
>> What about people on this list? Look forward to hearing from you all
>> Cordially,
>> Nathaniel Suchy
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