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Re: [tor-talk] Question for Roger (or someone): what is going on with TBB and NoScript?

follow this ticket:


also dont always trust what plugins doing for you , if you want efficient way to do things then do them browser level.

I am using the latest version of TBB and for a while now I've noticed that
NoScript no longer appears on the TBB interface. I've got two icons for
"security level" and "new identity" but that's it. No NoScript.

When I check in Add-Ons I see NoScript (and HTTPS-Everywhere). Checking
the "Preferences" for NoScript reveals that, in "Default" mode, everything
- script, object, media, webgl, etc - is ticked under "allow" (i.e. is
on). I remember one used to have to allow these for all new sites.

Why the change? Why are the NoScript defaults allowing scripts and media
as standard?

I'm sure there's a reason - what is it?

Thank you.

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