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Re: [tor-talk] Question for Roger (or someone): what is going on with TBB and NoScript?

On 11/29/19 8:50 AM, mimble9@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I am using the latest version of TBB and for a while now I've noticed that
NoScript no longer appears on the TBB interface. I've got two icons for
"security level" and "new identity" but that's it. No NoScript.
Sometimes NoScript toolbar / navbar icon is on the far left end - you
can move it in "customize mode."
Sometimes it's in the extra icons - shown when you open customize mode.
It could be under the "hidden icons" (the 2 chevrons, pointing right).
If those don't work, try removing the addon & reinstalling.

When I check in Add-Ons I see NoScript (and HTTPS-Everywhere). Checking
the "Preferences" for NoScript reveals that, in "Default" mode, everything
- script, object, media, webgl, etc - is ticked under "allow" (i.e. is
on). I remember one used to have to allow these for all new sites.

Why the change? Why are the NoScript defaults allowing scripts and media
as standard?
Scripts were always allowed.  Maybe not WebGl.  The official reason, way
back (I believe) was many sites wouldn't work & new users or less
concerned users might stop using TBB.  Another statement was the more
users alter anything in TBB, the more different they look.

It is true that other changes have been made in Firefox esr / TBB
version that counter act other settings.
You might want to read The Design and Implementation of the Tor Browser
[DRAFT] <https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser/design/#privacy>
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