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Re: statistics

"Note that Windows machines refer to themselves as "Unknown", so there

are probably eight of them. Closer examination reveals that four of the

eight "Unknown" routers are unresponsive. This suggests to me that

perhaps Windows users are running into the problem observed by spy1 on

#tor... and his intuition that this may be an effective deterrent to the

proliferation of Windows Tor nodes is probably accurate.


Yes, better implementation of the Windows server aspect is going to be what it takes before those of us who are definitely interested in running one are going to be able to help you with the "greedy-ness" of those Windows users' who are sucking up your individual band-widths.

Seems to me like the spread, speed, effective "anonymity" and the cost of running the servers (band-width-wise to the indidvidual operators) can only get better IF W32 users are given as solid a server set-up as the "alternative" OS-users now enjoy.

Otherwise, all you're going to get is bogged-down servers and abuse issues from W32 users.

So I guess the issue is - do you nail down the Win32 server issues, or do you find a way to block W32 users' from USING Tor. Pete