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Re: CVS Current Crash Report (update 02/17)

New cvs version today so I rebuilt. Same issue.
I have updated the debug log:


I have prepended "tor --version --version" output to the debug log.

The tor.core file backtrace gives:

#0  0x4819b225 in BN_num_bits () from /usr/lib/libcrypto.so.1
#1  0x48165be9 in RSA_size () from /usr/lib/libcrypto.so.1
#2  0x8088175 in crypto_pk_keysize (env=0x8102920) at crypto.c:586
#3  0x8089239 in crypto_pk_private_hybrid_decrypt (env=0x8102920, 
    to=0x815fb6c "", from=0x815fe4c "«ó\017)VII", fromlen=186, padding=60002, 
    warnOnFailure=0) at crypto.c:837
#4  0x8070b5e in onion_skin_server_handshake (
    onion_skin=0x815fe4c "«ó\017)VII", private_key=0x8102910, 
    handshake_reply_out=0x815fd70 "O\016\216.ùj\226\024a\016O(ï"FOà'T_\002jOAg\035\037r\207\223O:ºUa\222\025¶î\206\216\025Ul\031Af[1r\177û'\235\235\204}ñ¢\005)èm!\207yâ\004AI\2332wyO a_\005Fré\206Aåx¿\206@äP\223LodEAAI\rOU>Odùû}Z\216*SO\201ZiE¡Å¥", 
    key_out=0x815fe04 "ù\036\003Y½\027\037ÄOo\232`²\t\207\eì°yk3I_p°u\r\031\001I>\216\034\\E\e*A\r\027Åù1Y\006\023].kí*üdï2Dôr\217ê»\2064\233µ$l6\\¶\017è«ó\017)VII", key_out_len=72) at onion.c:208
#5  0x8064bd0 in cpuworker_main (data=0x8138a30) at cpuworker.:248
#6  0x8084b9a in tor_pthread_helper_fn (_data=0x8138a40) at compat.c:653
#7  0x8092728 in pth_spawn_trampoline ()
#8  0x8099279 in pth_mctx_set_bootstrap ()
#9  0x8099209 in pth_mctx_set_trampoline ()
#10 0x815ffa0 in ?? ()
#11 0x1f in ?? ()

I'm running NetBSD 1.6.2(Stable) on a P-166 w/80M Ram

I do not see any explanation for the crash in this file or the warnings
file I typically capture. What ever it is it seems to stop abruptly.