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Re: New user question about Directory mirroring & bittorent

Hello all. My name is Nate.

Hey Nate!

I just started using tor as a client and server. I have 2 questions that I can't find an answer to in the wiki and docs. I have my BandwidthRate, BandwidthBurst set to 50KB as my ADSL line is 500KB down and 90KB up.

Don't forget to set AccountingMax & AccountingStart as well. If you don't, you could be in for a huge price shock at the end of the month. Many ISPs have a monthly bandwidth cap and charge ridiculous amounts of money for each MB or GB over the cap. In your case each month at full utilization, you would use 248 GB [(50KB/s up + 50KB/s down) * 60 seconds/minute * 60 minutes/hour * 24 hours/day * 30 days/month]for Tor traffic alone! If you were with my ISP, you'd have to pay an additional $ 1, 128 CAD [(248-60) * $6/GB] each month. That's why I'd strongly urge you to set up a reasonable AccountingMax & daily AccoutingStart.

Any advice on how to carve up my bandwidth for Tor, torrent, Web browser, E-Mail would be greatly appreciated.

Tor version:
500KB down
90KB up

In my case (rogers.com), I have a 60GB monthly limit (5Mbps down, 768Kbps up -> 640KBps down, 96KBps up) with a 6 CAD/GB charge if I exceed it. Since there's 4 computers sharing my connection (email, webserving, gaming, Shareaza, Azureus) while I'm also running Tor & a webserver I have to be careful with my usage. Read the notes for AccountingStart to understand why I've chosen daily & not monthly accounting for Tor. Here are my current settings for bandwidth control:
BandwidthRate 30 KB
BandwidthBurst 40 KB
MaxAdvertisedBandwidth 30 KB
AccountingMax 262144 KB
AccountingStart day 00:00
According to the settings above, I'll use (256MB/day up + 256MB/day down) * 30 days = 15 GB. I'm running Tor, i2p, Freenet, web server, 4 browsers, 3 Azureus, 3 Shareaza, 2 gamers, 3 email clients. This leaves me with 8GB per month "spare" and no noticeable performance drop.

For each Shareaza client (x3) and Azureus client (x3) I have 192KBps, 28KBps up. That leaves me with about 64KBps down, 12KBps up spare even if all three clients are running simultaneously. This is acceptable for our browsing, emailing & gaming purposes. Your mileage may vary!

You can probably double my Shareaza/Azureus settings if you're only using a single computer and still have a reasonable experience. Once again - *please* watch your maximum bandwidth - don't go over your monthly cap. Hope this helps.