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Re: New user question about Directory mirroring & bittorent

If I put in MaxAdvertisedBandwidth what does this do exactly. I had assumed that tor already

I assumed that BandwidthRate & BandwidthBurst are for your local Tor instance's knowledge & MaxAdvertisedBandwidth is what is broadcast to the network.

I kept MaxAdvertisedBandwidth the same as my BandwidthRate as I wasn't clear about this either - I have a slow machine & didn't want a high CPU load due to Tor - which is what it seems to ensure. Perhaps a developer can better explain this option?

On my ADSL line my ISP does no filtering except port 25 and no throttling and no caps. So I don't need to worry about max bandwidth. I decided to change BandwidthRate to 30KB and

Many ISPs take a "we're free to change our policy at any time" policy. Mine certainly did. I received no email, call or letter stating that they were implementing the bandwidth cap. I found out through a friend that works for them. Unless you're certain that they will contact you before they change their policy, it might be a good idea to implement bandwidth accounting, so that you can install Tor & not worry about it.

Since they do no filtering, if you're allowed to run a webserver, you may want to also change your ORPort is 443 & your DirPort is 80 (according to the wiki - this helps people that can't visit ports other than well known ports - in this case HTTPs & HTTP)