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Re: Exit node blocking site?

Hello M,

I can tell you why it is probably blocked. Piratebay has port 80 torrents, which would then be routed back through tor, slowing the Tor network down. It isn't in our interest to provide low latency semi-anonymous networking just so people can download warez, infact, it hurts our cause.


Saturday, February 18, 2006, 1:12:05 PM, you wrote:

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> I was unable to go to http://piratebay.org when exit node was
> All I got was an error, "Connection: close". Everything else was working
> fine.

> After couple of browser reload tries I restarted my Tor client, exit node
> changed and I was able to open the site in question.

> I dont think it's right that exit nodes censor stuff, of course I understand
> that some exit node operators feel like it's necessary. Well ok, I think
> that it's ok to censor CP.

> No, I was not seeking any illegal warez, I was doing hmmmm... Research! :P

> Well to be honest, I was looking one pre-release which I'm _really_ going to
> buy when it gets to stores. Didn't find it, oh the waiting... I'm not a fan
> of "warezing" some little bands albums... If I really like it I will buy it
> except if album has some shitty "copy protection".

> Well, thats my 2 cents =)

> M

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