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Re: Exit node blocking site?

On Sun, Feb 19, 2006 at 10:34:26AM +0000, Adam Gleave wrote:

> Provided the people downloading warez contribute at least as much
> resources as they use, it's good for tor surely?

It's superficially good reasoning, but you have to take both
latency and bandwidth into account. Latency-limited services
(browsing, ssh) can be easily ruined by bandwidth hogging 
applications like P2P, but not vice versa.

Depending on the average length of your circuit, you would
have to run many (5-10) servers in order to mitigate the damage you're
doing, and it would still have no impact on the worst case
experience (which can completely turn off people on Tor: the
user experience is one of unreliability).

Clients periodically probing node weather and end users (turing test-verified)
rating exit nodes and clients bulding circuits based on reputation
would be good.

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