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Re: upgrate to .13-alpha now no traffic? [FIXED]

Okay .. tried .14-alpha from source .. still getting a lot of these in debug :

Feb 28 10:18:52.349 [info] connection_read_to_buf(): tls error. breaking (nickname $2FD8FC5E53BEFA292E7FE69B4F454979765336AC, address

Found the problem ... and this is a note to the FreeBSD ports maintainer .. .12 and .13 used different places for their data directories (both were installed from ports)

.12-alpha used /var/db/tor
.13-alpha used /var/run/tor

This caused new keys to get generated that weren't valid for my server, thus it'd never publish it's descriptor. Fixing the init script for TOR to reflect this new directory (it ignores what's in the config file) and replacing the keys with my backup copy immediately fixed the problem.