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Re: Norwegian DNS compromized

> I would just like to say that we should report that alolita.com because it
> is connected to bunch of PEDOPHILES!!!
> Is must be banned from Tor netowork and it should also be reported to
> authorities.

Hey, wait a minute. You're talking about Censorship. Don't you realize that? 
Or do you want a thought police?

See, I don't even care if it's "the jews" or the "pedophiles" or commie nazi 
or terrorist. I don't want any Censorship. Period.

See, if you ban one thing then you've already compromized. You've already 
moved your line in the sand. Then they come for your right to share your 
political opinion. Then what's left of your liberty. 

No compromize. No censorship. Period. 

Please consider your OH NO IT'S PEDOPHILES!!! standpoint.