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Re: .onion sites fail to load with: (waiting for rendezvous desc)

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| [notice] Tried for 120 seconds to get a connection to [scrubbed]:80.
| Giving up. (waiting for rendezvous desc), followed by a Privoxy 502
| error.

Some days ago there was a guy on #tor with a similar problem. You? :)
After trying out some things which did not appear to have any direct
effect, it suddenly worked again for him.

I just tried to access two hidden services. Worked fine. But obviously,
there is a bug that we should track down. Maybe you can help us with that?

| Others have verified the .onion sites I try to connect to as up and
| running, but I can almost never connect to them anymore. I'm running
| the latest Tor alpha. Every other use of Tor works fine, only this
| problem when trying .onion sites.

What does "almost never" mean? How often does it work? What happens when
you restart Tor and try again? What if you wait for some minutes after
starting Tor before trying?

With "latest Tor alpha" you mean Did you try to compile
and run current trunk? Unfortunately one bug fix for
turned out to be erroneous and was reverted in current trunk. But I
doubt that it's the one causing the problem you describe.

What versions are the people running who say that it's working for them?

Can you tell the .onion address in public or in private mail to me? Or
another service that you can tell? If not, do you know by any chance who
is running such a service and whether they are running version or higher?

Can you reach the example hidden service http://duskgytldkxiuqc6.onion/
or my v2 test service http://uulvbbixcufpmmg4.onion/ ?

Thanks for your help!
- --Karsten
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