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Re: puppetor setup

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Hi skaoth,

| When I execute the program I get this error:
| Feb 12, 2008 10:57:21 PM
de.uniba.wiai.lspi.puppetor.impl.ProxyNodeImpl startNode
| WARNING: Could not start Tor process! Tor exited with exit value 255!
Please go check the config options in
/home/skaoth/workspace/TorTest/test-env/1202885841439/proxy/torrc manually!

Did you try to run Tor with the mentioned config file like "tor -f
that-torrc-file"? There is probably a config option in that file that is
unrecognized by Tor...

... which brings us to the question which Tor version you use.
Unfortunately PuppeTor only works with versions around
which was the last version that I used it for. Later versions require v3
directory settings and earlier versions don't provide some of the config
options (for example ClientDNSRejectInternalAddresses is such a
troublemaker). So, you could either try to run PuppeTor with other Tor
versions, or remove those unknown config options before writing node
configurations (see comments below for how to do that).

Sorry for the inconvenience! I planned to make PuppeTor compatible with
current 0.2.0.x versions for a long time, but always deferred it for
other things. Well, at least you helped prioritizing this task in my
todo list. :) Ah, damnit, this is open source: "Feel free to send a
patch." :D

| I've also go questions about PuppeTor as far as simulating exit-node
| and was wondering where/who/list to contact

You can change the configurations of all nodes created by PuppeTor,
either by changing their template (for directory nodes, routers or
proxies) or single configurations, e.g. with the methods
ProxyNode.addConfiguration() or Network.addTemplateConfiguration().
Please also have a look at the Javadocs for that.

If you have questions about PuppeTor, you can either mail me directly or
bother the or-talk list.

- --Karsten
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