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Re: .onion sites fail to load with: (waiting for rendezvous desc)

On Sat, 16 Feb 2008 21:46:54 +0100, "Karsten Loesing"
<karsten.loesing@xxxxxxx> said:
> Some days ago there was a guy on #tor with a similar problem. You? :)

No. #tor on OFTC has a ban on tor users right now, why? This does not
help bug reporters very well. Why not a moderation mode instead of ban?

> After trying out some things which did not appear to have any direct
> effect, it suddenly worked again for him.

I've tried everything I can think of, nothing works. Should I revert to
stable until this is fixed? I don't know if I can offer much help.

> I just tried to access two hidden services. Worked fine. But obviously,
> there is a bug that we should track down. Maybe you can help us with
> that?

I can connect to http://duskgytldkxiuqc6.onion/ without a problem, but
others including core.onion, hidden wiki, Freenode's hidden IRC server,
and a few others don't work as they used to. I attempt only known &
verified as working .onion sites from others. Non-fuctional (down)
.onion sites show a different message in terminal unrelated to this bug.

> What does "almost never" mean? How often does it work?

One day I managed to connect to one when I reloaded the site the moment
following the failure message (with (or) 18-alpha), but I
have been unable to reproduce this with the current 19-alpha).

> What happens when
> you restart Tor and try again? What if you wait for some minutes after
> starting Tor before trying?

All tries fail.

> With "latest Tor alpha" you mean


 Did you try to compile
> and run current trunk? Unfortunately one bug fix for
> turned out to be erroneous and was reverted in current trunk. But I
> doubt that it's the one causing the problem you describe.

I download only from download page @ torproject.org, I don't apply
patches myself or use svn.

> What versions are the people running who say that it's working for them?

This information I have not verified from them.

> Can you tell the .onion address in public or in private mail to me? 

I mentioned a few of them above. I personally have little use for .onion
sites as most of them don't have content interesting to me, but I test
anyway because it is alpha.

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