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lefkada down


Since a week these messages appeared:

Feb 29 08:21:07.148 [info] router_set_networkstatus_v2(): Not replacing network-status 
from directory server "lefkada" at (published 2008-02-22 19:07:05); 
we already have it.
Consequently only four of five authorities listed in  cached-status matched a current
network-status since about one week.

After a  q&d  'rm -f  cached-status/* ' 
there is:
Feb 29 09:21:19.123 [info] connection_dir_request_failed(): Giving up on directory server at ''; retrying

Now  there are only four authorities listed. Maybe hard to find a majority there ? 

All this  on  Tor v0.2.0.20-rc-dev (r13725). 

Am I missing something in my configuration?