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Re: Time Warner bad / VPS recommendations

Yes, Im using linode.com, plan "Linode 720". Tor runs without any problem (but my bandwidth is only about 150kB/s; there are another network services too).

I received two DMCAs (some torrent sharing). Linode stuff was very polite, but they said me they have to solve this. Because server is very important to me, Im bad in english (especially in law things) and I cannot risk problems with law, they agreed with running Tor on 80 and 443 ports. So I offer Tor for web browsing and Linode silently let me alone.


On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 3:42 AM, Matthew McCabe <mateo07@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Does anyone run Tor on a VPS?  If so, which company and plan do you use?  Have you gotten any flack for running a Tor exit node?