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Re: Some Bones to Pick with Tor Admins

On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 04:58:31PM -0700, mark485anderson@xxxxxx wrote 1.8K bytes in 55 lines about:
: exactly, no need for tor button.
: no need also to upgrade from 98se, except tor developers are too lazy to
: code properly.

And win98se users are too lazy to file proper bug reports.  You've
hinted worked in win98se.  

We have a fine lazy bug tracker at https://bugs.torproject.org/.
Lazy users could file a lazy bug report with some lazy details and us
lazy developers and lazy packagers will get around to looking and fixing
the bugs; albeit lazily.

Including some lazy details with lazy log snippets would be
fantastically lazy.  

I think your bone to pick is with Tor developers, not Admins.  But
clearly laziness won over corrections.