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Re: Firefox woes with .onion and proxies

On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 3:58 PM,  <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 02, 2010 at 04:54:04PM -0500, thecarp@xxxxxxxxx wrote 3.9K bytes in 75 lines about:
> : A while back I setup a second firefox profile just for tor, and recently
> : installed torbutton instead of "leaving it naked". Now I am quite unamused.
> :
> : Now I fire up firefox. If I use torbutton in default config, I can get to
> : google, verify that my IP is not my own etc. If I go to vidalia and select a
> : new identity, I get a new IP and usually, google in a new language. Awesome.
> : Now, I put in my onion address.... and firefox dutifully adds a "www."
> : before it, and immediately times out.
> Firefox shouldn't be adding a www.  Do you type in
> http://onionaddress.onion or just onionaddress.onion? Which version
> of firefox?

Either way, same result. Firefox is 3.5.7 on Ubuntu

> What messages appear in the tor client logfile while this is occurring?
> It's possible your tor client doesn't have a path to the hidden service
> yet.

A lot since I put debugging on, however, I KNOW thats not the problem.
Two reasons:
1. If I telnet to 8118 or 8123 (privoxy or polio respectively, both
setup to socks-4a forward EVERYTHING
to socks on 9050) and issue a request by hand, it works fine.
2. If I setup firefox to use SOCKS 9050 directly, none of this happens
and the page loads.

You see why i am pulling my hair out. The http proxies both work fine.
Firefox doesn't even send them the request!

> : Then I go into the torbutton config. I turn off all proxies except the socks
> : proxy on 9050. Now I can browse the web AND connect to my hidden service.
> : However, after a few requests, firefox starts reporting that the URL being
> : loaded is of a bin type and needs to be handled by an external program. I
> : allow it, and it brings up the download manager, with no new file listed but
> : "all downloads completed". This persists until I restart firefox.
> This seems like a problem with the remote server and a mime type config.
> I've also seen the problem with non-hidden services when the circuit is
> dropped midway through a transfer of the files.

I might believe that if it wasn't for the fact that the webapp's post
and get methods both begin with a
logging statement, and nothing shows up in the log.

Also, if I disable tor, and connect directly to the webserver using
normal dns, well, both apps and the forward all work fine. Very

I have since uninstalled torbutton, but, have the same problems.

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