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Bridging from Bootcamp???

My ISP recently made unlimited access broadband cheaper than dialup for anyone who is on-line more than 3 hours a day. So I signed up, and decided to enable sharing of my Tor.

I opened 'Sharing' and clicked on 'Help censored users.'

I am using a MacBook, Vidalia 0.2.10, and Tor, and am typically on-line for a few hours at a time during the day.

On the Snow Leopard side, sometimes 'Test port forwarding' gives an affirmative answer, and sometimes a 'No valid UPnP found', but even when the test fails, I soon see several people using my bridge.

On the Bootcamp side (Windows 7 Professional 64), 'Test port forwarding' always fails to find a valid UPnP, and no one ever manages to access my bridge.

(Of course, UPnP is turned on on my Aztec router.)

Has anyone else seen this?