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Re: Design Change Causing More Traffic?

Thus spake Jim (jimmymac@xxxxxxxxxx):

> I am on dialup and so I am very sensitive to the amount of traffic
> overhead in the operation of Tor.  Lately that seems to have increased
> significantly.  Assuming I am not just imagining it (I have no objective
> measurements to back this up) is this just because of the build-out of
> the network or has then there been a design change that would cause this?

I've just realized that this could be more people adopting the Reduced
Exit Policy, which takes up a ton more space in the Tor router
directory than does the Default Exit Policy:

I bet Karsten could tell us for sure, using the descriptor archive

We need to standardize a more succinct way to represent this policy,
once we converge on a set of ports that we like for it. Either that,
or create a way to represent the policy in the consensus just once,
and have nodes declare their conformity to that policy by only
specifying the token for it from the consensus...

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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