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Re: Problem with downloading attachments in torbrowser for osx

Thus spake M (moeedsalam@xxxxxxxxx):

> > It would be helpful if you can add information such as your
> > - Operating system version
> > - Tor version
> > - Polipo or Privoxy version
> > - Torbutton version
> > - Firefox version
> > - Torbrowser or Vidalia bundle version.
> ok

It sounds like you're describing a problem that only you have. Usually
when this happens, it is because of a Firefox addon conflict. You can
try a couple of things:

1. Use Tor Browser Bundle:

It is a preconfigured Tor Browser that should work right out of the
box without conflicts. If it *still* has the problem, then next place
to look is your Antivirus software. If not, you can either keep using
it, or try to diagnose your addon conflict by trying the following:

2. Start firefox with a fresh profile

If you run firefox as "firefox -P", you can create a blank profile,
install torbutton in it, and verify it is OK. Then, gradually add in
all the Firefox addons you have until you notice the problem again.

3. Post your list of addons to this mailinglist or to that bug for
someone else to try to reproduce the issue.

> > and does it work if you use "Save As" instead?
> cant save as with attachments...
>  And what about this (and also the link provided by Roger:
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/report/14???

This link works for me using Tor + Torbutton.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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