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Re: [tor-talk] myproxy.dyndns.org instead of IP?

On Tuesday 22 February 2011 05:32:51 Wolfgang Schechinger wrote:
> Dear experts,
> my question concerns the IP/fingerprint combination to pass to other users
> in order to reach the relay network:
> My IP is changed every day by my DSL provider. However, I have a dyndns.org
> web address.

I've visited Germany and this appears to be common there. I think (though I've 
had only a few months of experience with Tor) that you should run a listed 
bridge, so you don't have to manually pass the address to the Chinese. Your 
address will change before the Great Firewall gets around to blocking you.

> Does it work and does it make sense to pass the myproxy.dyndns.org /
> fingerprint combination?
> How to enter it in torrc?

I left Address unset. This works well in Tor, but does not work in Mixminion.

My connection was down for two hours last night. I came back up at the same 
address. If I had come up at a different address, would Tor recognize this, 
or would I have to restart it?

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