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Re: [tor-talk] How to use Tor Browser without TBB Bundle?

On 2/7/2012 2:28 PM, Phillip wrote:

Thanks for the link C, I did what it suggested vis modifying the
start-tor-browser script, but it ends up just launching another window
of Firefox and not Aurora...
Try adding option -no-remote to Firefox, it should start new process instead of
connecting to an already running instance.


Heyya Ondrej! Thanks for the reply! Quick (possibly slightly stupid)
question - the -no-remote option, do I add that to the start-tor-browser
script? And if so, where?
Don't know about "a script." Normally, if you want to run more than one version of Firefox (or maybe Aurora), you add the "- no-remote" command after the Target box string (command path), that is found by R clicking the start icon > Properties. As an example, for Firefox icon, you'd see something like:

"D:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Mozilla\Firefox 9\firefox.exe"

This is the path where the executable file is installed (or in Aurora's case, extracted [not installed] ). NOTE: the quote marks are necessary.

So adding the -no-remote command would result in something like: "D:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Mozilla\Firefox 9\firefox.exe" -no-remote note: in the example above, there is a space after ...firefox.exe" and the -no-remote command. Type it just as shown (substituting the path where the 2nd instance (version) of AURORA you want to run is located). IOW, put a space between the quote mark after firefox (aurora) and the 1st hyphen, in front of -no-remote

If you were using this in a script, I suppose the use of -no-remote would be the same as described.
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