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Re: [tor-talk] Legal problems: TOR relay & Torrents in .de

Hendrik Neumann <henne@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I've been running an exit node from my home network for ca. a year or
> so. Now I've receviced mail from 21st Century Fox's lawyers in Germany
> accusing me of torrenting a movie. Since all I offer via Torrent are
> some old PC-BSD-ISOs and "House on Haunted Hill", I'm pretty sure it
> must have been a user from the TOR network.

I wouldn't rule out the possibility that they mixed up IP addresses
or misinterpreted the results of their detection software ...
> Now they want me to pay â1.0000 (which I don't have due to recent
> health problems and unemployment) and sign some papers. I'm not going
> to do that. Even if it turns out to be more expensive, I'm looking for
> legal advice now. So if you do happen to know a lawyer in Germany, who
> knows about Torrents, TOR etc., please let me know!
> Also, I'd love to hear about similar experiences and how you dealt
> with the issue.

I generally ignore such donation offers if I get the impression
that it has been created without human interaction.

Otherwise I respond with a short explanation about Tor provided
an email address is provided and I don't have to waste stamps.

I don't see the point of consulting a lawyer if no court is
involved as it makes it more complicated to get back the lawyer

The scam works by threatening enough people to pay up. Actually
following through on the threads is more expensive than just writing
more threats to other people.


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