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Re: [tor-talk] Legal problems: TOR relay & Torrents in .de

I've forgotten the specifics of your OP. Exactly how much are they demanding (Eu / $US)?

Other BIG factor (others familiar w/ European / German laws can comment): Do they have any SUBSTANTIAL proof, that a judge / jury would accept as reasonable proof, that YOU did something under your country's laws, to make you financially liable to the plaintiffs (for anywhere near what they're demanding)? And is the amount enough to make it worth the lawyers' time to go to court (how much would the LAWYERS make on a per hr basis, from their cut of the awarded amount)?

I'm no expert on legalities in other countries, but ONLY as a general rule, in U.S., it's not worth a law firm's time to actually go to court over fairly small amts, if working for % of awarded judgment. In U.S., I've failed several times to get lawyers to take my cases against others on CONTINGENCY, even when I'd likely win, because - as numerous lawyers put it, "There simply isn't enough $ involved."

If a law firm is working on a per hour basis (which I'd doubt for this type action), then lawyers get paid for time spent, but plaintiffs may well owe more than they are awarded. Most plaintiffs aren't that stupid.

On 2/11/2013 7:11 AM, Hendrik Neumann wrote:
Small update:

I've snail-mailed them a letter based on what Moritz had posted. They
replied with a standardized letter without even commenting on my
statements. It's basically saying "Last chance to pay or we'll go to

So I'm a little unsure whether or not it's now time to actually
consult a lawyer or wait until FOX makes it's next move.


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