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Re: [tor-talk] Email provider for privacy-minded folk

IMO, only stupid idiot doesn't use https with gmail.
That's why I think all talkings about gmail and beeing hacked is useless.
Let him set "Use always https" in the gmail settings, then log out, log in, change password and secure q/answer and that's all.

This should be about Tor and Tor close stuff...

Game's over.


> -----Original Message-----
>> Or he just ignored the SSL warning like so many people do.
> All the replies make good points.  Question - how do we know which is
> the real Mysteriousflyer, or if there are even 2?
> The latest one hasn't responded how or w/ what he was accessing his
> Gmail acct.  Sometimes from public wifi?  There are too many unanswered
> questions & variables.
> Has he checked for key loggers or trojans, that could capture his PW?
> One simple way hackers get a PW.
> He didn't answer if always used encrypted connection to Gmail, or - as
> mentioned - if ever got a security warning & ignored it. Don't know
> about Gmail, but some providers still allow clients to use unencrypted
> connections.
> If uses a laptop / phone, has he ever left it alone, while logged into
> Gmail, or PWs are unsecured?  If uses an email client, are stored login
> / SMTP PWs secured w/ reasonably strong PW, or are they stored
> unprotected?  Many other factors.
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