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[tor-talk] Where can I get Tor without the browser?

Hello all,
I just visited the Tor website, since I wanted to download the latest version for Mac OS. Well, I was hoping to find a Tor + Polipo Bundle without anything else, but it looks like those have been abandoned sadly, all I could find was the Tor Browser portable app.
As I'm completely blind, I access my computer using the built-in VoiceOver screen reader for Mac OS. My understanding is that the Tor Browser is based on Firefox. Since Firefox unfortunately is completely inaccessible to me on the Mac, the same thing goes for the Tor Browser. On earlier versions of Tor and Polipo, I would simply download it, install the program package, then access the contents of the application bundle, edit the config files for Tor and Polipo and then launch Tor through the command line, after which I could then configure my own programs to use either Polipo or Tor directly. With the new approach, this seems to be much harder as it seems like Tor + Polipo, or just a plain Tor binary can no longer be downloaded for Mac OS, which, as it seems, means less flexibility. I guess I could just grab the source and compile it myself, but I guess one would have to download XCode to do this on a Mac - and unfortunately I just don't have the data capacity for such a huge download…
Am I just missing something here, or is there really no other wway of obtaining a 'plain' binary of Tor for Mac OS?
Many thanks for any help!
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