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Re: [tor-talk] Where can I get Tor without the browser?

Hi Roger,

> Download the Tor Browser Bundle for OS X, unpack it, and use the Tor
> binary that you find inside. (In Linux, it's in the App/ directory --
> hopefully it's similar on OS X.)

I'll give that another look. However, I've already checked and wasn't able to find any config files for Tor, not exactly sure where those went just yet…
> That said, you should be aware of all the privacy fixes that Tor Browser
> adds in over regular Firefox. There's a good chance you'll shoot yourself
> in the foot if you do things differently.

Yes, I know that… I really would like to use Tor browser, but the problem really is that it's completely inaccessible, and even if I contacted the Tor Browser devs there most likely won't be any easy way of fixing that for them. The problem really is that the Firefox user interface wasn't programmed with multi-platform accessibility in mind, and so under Mac OS it's just not possible for the screen reader to interface with the UI properly and read back the relevant information to me. I know Firefox is supposedly accessible on Linux - but then Linux distributions have other accessibility-related hickups that make migrating very impracticable. However, this might not be too much of an issue for me since I never used to use Tor all that much for web browsing, but more for other programs and for running a Tor relay in the past.
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